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I like comics, video games, reading, musicals, and art. This blog consists mostly of reblogs, and is sometimes NSFW. Jason Todd, Anna DeWitt, and Mako Mori are my babies (◡‿◡✿)

This idea cracked me up too much that I have to draw it, though I still have a bunch of work to do so this is rushed that I am not sure if I did it right…

Hipster!Erik and nerd!Charles.

Hipster!Erik probably runs a photography tumblr out here and use iPad to take notes.

Can someone give me this please

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still trying to find my inspiration back uhhhhh

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Anonymous asked you:

Kink: choking.

Not really my cup of tea, but I think that’s the first kink Erik and Charles did! They have so much potential! :O!

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Soooo I finally did some Charles/Erik fanart…

Charles is Erik’s point between rage and serenity :)


Erik, the things you do…