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So Cas doesn’t eat now?


Not even cheesburgers???

Fuck you, John. Fuck you.

036. When Jack and Dean are in the same room the Doctor always finds himself with a splitting headache and not saying “stop it” enough.

037. One day Sam and Dean walked in on the Doctor and Castiel watching the “Pizza Man” movie…things were awkward for at least a week afterwards.

“So you’re the Doctor’s new gal, huh?”


Idek this is a thing.

031. The Doctor dreaded the day when Jack and Dean met each other.

Dean: Listen to me. Amy, listen.
Amy: I can’t see. I hate it. I hate it, I can’t—
Dean: I know you can’t. I know. But I need you to stay here. And I need you to be brave. You can do that, I know you can. The Doctor, he…he’s gonna fix this. He’s gonna take care of this, I know he is. I promise he is.
Amy: You’ll come back for me?
Dean: I won’t leave you here. I won’t leave until you’re safe. Until you can see again. I swear. 

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033. Dean & River tricked Castiel and the Doctor into playing with Chinese Finger Traps.

Castiel, Dean & Sam Winchester goes Victorian xDDDDD And f*** Dean face fuuuuu

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