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Loki + text posts


tumblr text posts: loki edition

Awwww… poor Loki.

Also, spot on.


ThorLoki Week → Day 2 - Different Canons


hug me…. 

young avengers 007 

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I’m jumping on the “Tulio and Miguel look like Loki and Thor” bandwagon really late, but I couldn’t help myself. 

That horse is two seconds away from jumping ship.


That awkward moment when you realize that half of your life is dedicated to fanarts. Sadly it happens when, at the watercolour course, the teacher asks you to make a fanart and you suddenly panic because you have NO IDEA who to draw. SO MANY CHARACTERS. TOO MANY OPTIONS. WHO SHOULD I CHOOSE.
So yeah. Have a random Jotun Loki.
(I’ll probably sell this on my etsy shop, in case you were interested - etsy.com/shop/thenizu)


Loki you’re a monster


Loki: Agent of Asgard #2 lettered previews (x)



This is how you know they’re actually brothers.

this is my favourite scene in the movie i’m not even kidding


URL Graphics ☆ lokisvillainy


i imagine this to be his expression as he listens to various envoys/councilmen voice their concerns about the security of the realm, her current state of disrepair and the immediate health and well-being of asgard’s people and provinces—you know, just trivial everyday irritations that distract from the much more important task of ogling your brother through the little partition of his prison cell door.


Team Mean Green photoshoot with Kaori as Leah, Jo as kid/JiM!Loki, Jane as Amora and myself as Agent of Asgard!Loki ˙▿˙ I’m being surrounded by beautiful people….. *ධ̎ૢ ˒̫̮ ධ̎ૢ*·

Here we have the Asgardian green power rangers dramatically walking into the anime sunset… in a car park… as ancient vikings do ㆆᴗㆆ


do you remember that time loki ran at thor and hugged him so hard that thor dropped mjolnir