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Seb & Misha


Favorite sturgeon faces of Misha Collins [photo credit]


Joel McHale on Misha Collins



J2 panel @ JIBCon {video}

Misha *with a weird accent*: So… I want to know if you guys think that working with Misha Collins is an inspiration. How it’s like to be around a guy who’s such a great actor… I learn so much from him. I’m so inspired by his talent, his handsomeness…

Misha: So, what is it that working with Misha makes you learn the most and hate the most about yourself?

Jensen: That’s a very interesting question. Where are you from? I’m having trouble placing your accent…
Misha: India-Russia 




(sorry for the unquality… this is my first try at a photoset)

Misha on doing a scene with Jared and Jensen (‘My Bloody Valentine’ episode)

I can’t do a single scene without one of them fucking with me. I pine for the days when they left me alone. It’s much better when they don’t harass you.

There’s a scene in ‘My Bloody Valentine’ where I come up to this stainless steel table. I’d walk up to the table and I say, “We have to stop him before he kills again.” to Jared, and he’s sitting, and every time under the table, he’s going like this, right at my crotch. Over and over, every single take, I would deliver the line, and I was literally biting my cheeks, doing everything I could, not to laugh. And every time, I would fuck up and laugh, it would be like, *tries not to laugh*. And the director would say from the other room, “Yeah, almost Misha. We can see you’re smiling, Misha. We have to go again, MISHA” And of course, they can’t see—nobody else sees Jared’s foot so it’s just me fucking up.

So finally, Jensen says, “Misha, don’t look. Don’t say the line to him. Just say it to me. There’s no need to look at him”. Because after the foot, then he (Jared) started going *exaggeratedly licks lips*. So I was like, “Great. Why didn’t I think of that before?”

So the next time I come in, I say, “We have to stop him before he kills again” but this time, to Jensen, who goes, *exaggeratedly licks lips*

So it’s like, you cannot win with those guys.

Touch it

Cas and Balthazar