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So Sam, I hear the devil sings to you now. What else is playing on Lucifer Radio, I wonder?


Fuck you, John. Fuck you.

037. One day Sam and Dean walked in on the Doctor and Castiel watching the “Pizza Man” movie…things were awkward for at least a week afterwards.

041. Sam had to ask the Doctor’s permission before asking Jenny out on a date.

Castiel, Dean & Sam Winchester goes Victorian xDDDDD And f*** Dean face fuuuuu

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015. When Gabriel and the Doctor first met they hated each other, eventually they grew to like each other and became best friends. When Lucifer killed Gabriel the Doctor nearly went back to save him, he didn’t however because saving Gabriel would mean both Sam and Dean would die.

020. When Sam first met the Doctor it was while John was away on a very long hunt. He tried to use the psychic paper to show he was a babysitter but the paper wouldn’t work. Something about the Doctor saying he was a responsible adult made the psychic paper malfunction, and the Doctor ended up having to tell Sam the truth.

     [The Flesh Doctor steps out; Sam and Dean immediately train their guns on him.]

Guns! Guns! Always with the guns. You certainly enjoy your firepower, don’t you?
SAM. Who are you?
DOCTOR. I’m the Doctor, don’t you remember me? You know: bow ties, cool, blue box–
DEAN. Like hell you are.

     [Dean pulls a silver knife out of his jacket pocket.]

You’re a shifter, and we’re putting your sorry ass down.
DOCTOR. I’m afraid it’s not quite that simple, boys. I’m not a shifter. Go ahead – do your eye-check thing.

     [Sam aims his cell phone camera at the Doctor, and realizes his eyes don’t glow. He slowly lowers his gun, but Dean does not.]

That’s better. Now that’s established, your next question is: if I’m not a shifter, not even a Jefferson Starship – yes, I know about the Starships – what am I?
SAM. But… You’re not the Doctor. Not the real one. You can’t be.
DOCTOR. And why not?
DEAN. Because we watched him die. 

025. The Impala has to be shrunk in order to get it through the TARDIS doors then unshrunk once it’s in the specially made garage the Doctor built for it.

Dean refuses to leave his baby behind when he and Sam travel with the Doctor.

027. Sam and Dean taught Rory and Amy how to hunt properly, it turned out Rory didn’t need that much training.

029. Sam and Dean often get into arguments with the Doctor over how to handle hostile alien threats to the human world.