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Jim “The Fish” Moriarty


…yeah. so introducing me to two fandoms that have a crossover fandom was a bad life choice.

I’m really taken with the idea of SuperWho, just for the pure fact that I love the idea of Cas and the doctor being friends. Seriously, it’s an adorable idea.

Rose, Mickey, Jack + Nine.

Dangerous thing, foresight. It makes you reckless, makes you try to intervene in events that should not be interrupted. It makes you emotional and – and dangerous and very vulnerable to temptations. That’s the thing about time-travel. It has the tendency to make our brains whisper “if I could do this, if I could do this one thing, this and that would never happen” and you begin to assume the world would survive to be a better place if you meddle. It gets into your head, drives you mad, especially if something very loved, something very special, is at stake. 

(apologize, ladies and gents, for the bad gif, but I needed to get this out of my head!)